Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Well Tuesday was a very strange day all in all.

For a start we had to spend the morning creeping around while Andrew slept after a night shift. Then all the items we'd had on ebay (around 10) sold in a couple of hours so we had some silent packing to do. Then the post arrived.

It contained a letter from H@H profusely apologising for the 'inconvenience and anxiety that we have caused you'. After a lot of explanation, which frankly I'm not interested in, they finished off by saying that I will see 'on-going improvements in performance'. Well we will see shall we as my next delivery is due on Friday. As they have already contacted me three times to check this delivery I expect it to arrive complete, correct and on time. Interestingly Mike Gordon is no longer their chief executive, they now have someone called Natalie Douglas. Hopefully she will be able to arrange a piss up in a brewery.

So back, briefly, to Monday.

We had one humdinger of a storm late afternoon. It got darker and darker until we were forced to turn the lights on to see what we were doing, and it was only six o'clock. At the same time the wind increased sending the curtains billowing and causing the trees and bushes to wave as though underwater. Then the rain came, a gentle patter at first, and then a huge flash ripped across the living room followed by low rumbles that grew to almost deafening levels before fading away only to be replaced by another one, and another one. This continued for almost an hour and then the sky brightened and everything began to return to normal. We had another shower later on but no thunder, thank goodness. It was really surreal to be watching a sunny Wimbledon whilst in the middle of a downpour. Usually it's the other way around.

Back to Tuesday.

After packaging and posting our items it was back home for another quiet afternoon watching Nadal. Irritatingly both he and Federer overlapped slightly so I kept having to switch over between breaks in play to see both matches. Fortunately I was able to see the last set of both but I have to say Federer looks to be more likely to be making it to the final. Nadal looked shattered at the end of his match while his opponent looked as fresh as a daisy. There is one question that keeps bugging me though.Why can't Nadal buy shorts that fit?

In the news on Tuesday was an article saying that someone had stolen Michael Schumacher's medical records and was peddling them for sale. How disgusting is that! OK, just like everyone else I've been frustrated at the infrequency of progress reports but  I do understand the family's need to protect both the man and his privacy. Although one of the most famous and successful drivers in the world he is a human being and not a public commodity to be picked over by the worlds media. I hope against hope that no one will buy these records from this horrible individual but if they do I hope they hand both the records and the seller over to the police as soon as possible.

I have designated this week as my lazy week so once again I will be sitting on the settee this afternoon watching Andy Murray play in the second round, if he makes it through I'll be doing the same on Friday too. Next week I'm heading off to Wales for a couple of days so that will be my crazy week, of course things could well change. Watch this space.

Before that though we've got the big move to tackle. Yes our boy is finally leaving university and heading home. The years have gone remarkably quickly and he will soon be out and about in the Luton area doing his thing. Where did my baby boy go? Today he is providing medical cover for a private prep school's sports day. He has done one of these before and the worst thing he treated was a sprained ankle. It's boring but he gets paid, and sometimes even fed by doting teachers and mothers.

As I'm writing this I'm waiting for the arrival of my new mixer. I got a text this morning to say it will be delivered between 1002 and 1102, which is awfully precise. Lets see if they can do better than H@H. I bet they get it bang on. Peter's also waiting in for a parcel so we are both in the same state of high anticipation. If all goes well and our items are delivered on time we are off out, briefly, to pick up something Peter won on ebay. It's not far from us so the trip should only take an hour or so and we are going after Murray's played. It will be the first trip out for me since Friday and I will be taking a camera. I've never visited this village before but have heard it is very pretty so might be worth a shot or two. I'll post the results tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'm off to Milton Keynes, it is my mother's birthday on the 30th and I want to get her a present. I usually send her flowers but this year, as I'm going to be around very close to the actual day I thought I'd get her something a bit longer lasting. My problem is what to get. She doesn't wear perfume or jewelry and bath stuff is out because that won't last long either. Not seeing her as often as I used to when I was well, it is difficult to keep track on her changing tastes and needs. I've asked my sister and only hope she is able to come up with some ideas or it's going to be one of those 'visit every shop' trips.

Well things to do, well I haven't actually, but I am refusing to let myself sit in front of a computer all day. That's what I do at work, I don't need it at home as well.