Saturday, 28 June 2014

Taking Time Out

After a hectic two days, and another battle with Health(don't)Care at Home, I'm really feeling it today. I'm tired and achy and generally out of sorts, my breathing isn't so good either. So today has been designated a 'sit on the sofa' day.

I'm a bit worried as I'm supposed to be going away in a few days and really don't want to feel poorly. Hopefully if I'm really good today and tomorrow I'l improve enough to travel.

To be fair to H@H they were not quite as bad as they had been. However I did find it necessary to write yet another email. Here it is.

Once again I am writing to complain about the appalling service your company continues to deliver despite assurances that things are getting better.

Earlier this week I received a letter signed by Mr. McAndrew. This letter, whilst apologising, was full of excuses which frankly I have no interest in or sympathy for. In the letter Mr. McAndrew stated that he wanted to ‘assure you of our continued best efforts to improve and deliver the service levels you deserve.’ Clearly hollow words, with no meaning, as once again I am being held ransom by your company as I wait in for yet another non existent delivery.  This afternoon I was supposed to be going to collect my son from university, now my husband has to go on his own while I try to get through to you company.

Getting through to someone at you company is a farce. I had been give the direct line for the supervisors Helen or Tracy 07827242621. However, when I rang this number it went to the answering machine of someone completely different. So after holding on for the main number for 15 minutes I finally got through to someone who then put me on hold. When she finally came back to me she said my delivery had been scheduled for between 1500 – 1600 and she could not explain why, on your website, it is still showing as between 1104 – 1304.

This is totally unacceptable; your whole organisation is beyond a joke and really should be stripped of their contract. All I can hope for now is that the deliver turns up this afternoon and is correct. If not then expect another email. Actually I don’t live far from your offices so maybe I’ll pay you a visit. 

I'm not sure what it was about this email, maybe the threat to turn up on their doorstep, but my delivery arrived on the dot of three and was followed by a phone call from Mr McAndrew himself. He once again apologised for the mess up and explained that it was due to a delay in the pharmacy. This delay meant it could not go on the usual van and they had called in a special courier to ensure I received my delivery. He only hesitated slightly when asking if everything was correct. By some miracle it was so the call was ended politely. This morning in my inbox I found this.

Dear Mrs Roberts

Further to our telephone conversation I apologies that you have had further difficulties with today’s delivery but am pleased to note that it has now arrived and you have everything that you need. As we discussed the reason that the time on the tracker was at odds with the promised delivery time is because the order was not dispensed in time to be shipped as planned last night we switched the delivery to same day courier this morning.  Although couriers provide a reliable way of dealing with urgent deliveries they do not have the real time tracking that we have on our own vehicles which updates the online tracker.

I note your request that we adjust the schedule to restore the planned safety stock of your medication. I have alerted customer services to this and asked them to contact you when you are back from holiday to arrange this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further difficulties   

I was amazed. This was the first time ever I have had an email back. It is usually phone calls but this time I had both. I now have everything crossed that they really are fixing things and from now on deliveries will be less stressful. And fair play to Mr McAndrew, he did what it says on the box.

Of course I still missed out on moving Andrew out of his digs but maybe that's just as well considering how I'm feeling today.

Today it is raining, again! Yesterday was a battle with the weather. I'd stripped the beds, hung the sheets out to dry and within five minutes it went from bright sunshine to bucketing down. It looks like it is following the same pattern again today. At least I did manage to rescue my sheets first thing this morning and they are now sitting in the airing cupboard having been tumbled dry. The roof at Wimbledon has been a God send and at least I'll be able to watch the center court matches, even if it is more like October outside.

I am going to have to go back to MK at sometime though because I found out yesterday that my little sister had bought my mother the very same book on Richard III as I had. Back to the drawing board. At least I still have the other book to fall back on.

Right I'm making good old sausage and mash for lunch. Always go for childhood comfort food when I'm under par. Here's hoping things pick up tomorrow.