Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Day in the Dumps

Well I did what I said I was going to do and cut myself off from the world for a couple of hours while I painted. To be honest I am much better at painting something I've seen, rather than just using my imagination, but on this occasion I just let the paint flow and was rather surprised to see what emerged. It isn't the best painting I've ever done but at least it's honest and it did allow me to loose myself for a while. Something that was much needed. If the weather holds I might do it again today, we'll see.

My Sunday roast al fresco on a Saturday was actually a hit. Everyone said how delicious it was but I'll not be making that mistake again, the kitchen was like a sauna with the heat. As predicted there was too much meat for just the three of us, however that is not a tragedy, sweet and sour pork will be served up later this week.

While enjoying our lunch we witnessed the most amazing thing. There was a sudden increase in agitation amongst the birds and they suddenly started to drive out of the trees scattering everywhere. Suddenly out of no where this Sparrow Hawk swooped down and daintily plucked a pigeon off the law and flew off. We just sat there open mouthed. OK, I know it is dreadful for the pigeon but we were in awe at the speed and power of the hawk. And how privileged to witness nature at its rawest right there in our back garden. I wished I'd had my camera but in all honesty I'd never have been quick  enough to capture the moment.

This morning I decided to get my drug prep out of the way and did it almost as soon as I got out of bed. The room I prep it in gets the full sun in the afternoon and while this provides some welcome heat on colder days, it means it is far to hot on warmer ones. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before. It meant both myself and my drug remained cool during the entire prep time. I guess usually Sunday morning is a rush around time getting my uniform ready for work on Monday etc. Not having that pressure certainly helped me consider the problem. From now on uniform prep will be in the afternoon and drug prep in the morning. Simples!

It feels strange knowing I don't have to go to bed early tonight in order get up early tomorrow. Or that I have to get my uniform ready, or make sandwiches etc, etc. To be honest I washed, dried and ironed my uniform on Friday so that task wouldn't be hanging over me and I could actually forget about it for my whole holiday. There is nothing worse than travelling home thinking 'I've got to do this and I've got to do that'. And of course the bonus of having the new drug is that I can take less stuff with me and I don't have to rush home by a set time. As long as I make it before my cassette runs dry I will be fine. It's a strange freedom but a better one than I had. However before I take off I've got a few days of wind down which are really, really needed. I'm like an over stretched spring at the moment.

On Friday we move Andrew out of his college digs for the very last time. Although he still has his final placement to do, he's decided it will be cheaper to travel from home than pay for an extra six weeks accommodation. It also means all his food will be prepared for him and his uniform will be magically washed and pressed by the laundry fairy, He's not stupid is he? From here on he will be living with us while he saves up for his own place, following Laurence's footsteps.

Today, apart from doing some more painting, I will be making some strawberry and raspberry frozen yogurt. The ice cream from last week is almost gone and as I still haven't got a new mixer I can't make anymore. Frozen yogurt requires very little whisking so is easy to do by hand. After that I will be looking forward to the Austrian Grand Prix and a quiet evening on the settee.

I'd better go and get lunch, today something simple and refreshing. Spaghetti with a tomato and basil sauce. Yum!