Sunday, 29 June 2014

Look Out Aberystwyth! Here I come!

So excited about my up coming trip to Wales to see my family and just getting away from everything.

Of course I won't be able to get away from everything because I'll be dragging all my meds with me and have to let Papworth know where I'll be staying. However I'll be away from work, home and the computer so it will be a change and they say a change is as good as a rest.

There are a couple of niggles though.

Even though I've laid low and stayed put these last two days my breathing continues to worsen. It's not at 'I need to see a doctor' level but it's worrying. Both Peter and Andrew have a cold so it may be that I'm going down with the same thing. On the other hand it could just be the weather. Anyone with PH, Asthma or COPD knows that the weather is one of the main factors in how you feel from day to day. The other thing it could be is hay fever. I've been sneezing a lot and my eyes are quite itchy. I'm hoping the change of air will help. I always perk up a bit when I'm by the sea. However I will be taking my emergency supply of antibiotics just in case it decides to develop into something nasty.

The second niggle is purely in my head. As I wrote in a blog not long ago, last year I was perfectly at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. This year I'm feeling nervous. If I hadn't had that damned false alarm I'd be perfectly relaxed this year too but I know I'm going to be repeatedly checking my phone. I know Papworth will be able to get to me in Wales but the logistics of it all worry me. It shouldn't, after all I'll have no say in the matter, I will literally be a passenger. I just hope that once I'm on the prom enjoying the sea air I will be able to relax and enjoy myself.

I guess how I'm feeling is perfectly normal and getting that false alarm has just made me realise how much I want and need another call.

Enough! Stop over thinking!

Andrew will be staying home to look after the house and cat as the last placement for his uni course starts on Monday. I think it is awful how they kick him out of his digs before his course is really over. The problem is that the paramedic degree is fifty percent academic and fifty percent practical. He has passed all the academic stuff and just needs to complete this last placement before officially qualifying. The university, however, does not recognise this fact and treats paramedic students as any other student and expects them to leave halls before the course officially finishes. Everyone else's course finishes in May, except those needing to resit, but the paramedic students don't finish until August. As it is their course wouldn't you have thought the university would have arranged for paramedic students to stay longer, yes so would I but no! Andrew has opted to stay at home during placement, which adds twenty miles to his journey each day. Those students living further afield have to rush around to find bed and breakfast accommodation, in the middle of the tourist season. Crazy! Still, even with the extra mileage, it will save him money and we get a free house/cat sitter.

Talking about the weather, I've been playing cat and mouse with the rain yet again today.

When I go away I like to have all the laundry done, washed, ironed, put away. That way if there was any hiccup or delay I could relax, safe in the knowledge that I haven't got to do anything other than feed everyone when we finally arrive home. Most of it's done but of course Andrew's laundry arrived with him so I've got the tumbler in overdrive.

Oh well, my bag is packed, my meds are made up ready to go and the car is fully fueled. Unless something drastic happens I will be arriving in Aberystwyth around two tomorrow afternoon. I just hope I don't bring our weather with me.

Next blog Thursday.