Sunday, 8 June 2014

Oh! What a Circus!

I am pleased to report that Bernard Jordon has made is safely back to his care home and received a hero's welcome.

So with that happy conclusion to a lovely story what else happened yesterday?

Well not a lot to be truthful. The predicted, promised, storms never materialised for a start. In fact by midday the drizzle of early morning had cleared and, whilst the rest of the country may have been pulling on wellies, we were basking in bright sunshine and high temperatures. I would have loved to have sat outside but the decking and furniture were soaking from the overnight rain so I had to content myself with a kitchen chair on the patio, not exactly the most comfortable to relax and read in but at least I was outside. In case you are wondering, the furniture is wooden and although varnished still feels damp for a while after getting wet. However today started with bright sunshine so there is every chance of me escaping for a long spell of sun bathing this afternoon.

I did manage to have a Skype chat with my sister, albeit a short one, and we finalised a few more details of her visit. I also managed to ask her about her vegetarian diet and what I could and could not include in her meals. It seems she is extremely found of peppers, as am I, so I will be looking up some recipes in advance. We also talked about what to do should I get the call either before or during her visit. We've decided that if that happens, then she will still come down and will look after the house and Smirnoff, enabling Peter to spend more time at the hospital with me. Of course a call would not be ideal at that time but you have to take it as it comes and everyone understands that plans may be changed or cancelled at a drop of a hat.

Before Wendy comes here I'm going there. Yes it is nearly time for my annual visit to see my mum and catch up with friends and relatives back in Wales. I used to go three or four times a year but being ill means visits have dropped off as I struggle to find a period then I feel well enough to travel.

Last year was a triumph with both me and the weather behaving themselves. This year I'm hoping for the same but going on the current weather I'm beginning to doubt I'll be that lucky two years running. Going away is a nervous time if you are on the transplant list. You have to leave details of where you will be with the hospital and makes sure you are contactable at all times. Difficult in an area where mobile signals are not all that reliable. Last year I was quite relaxed because I didn't think I'd ever get a call. Now I've had one I'll be a bit more unsettled because this year my donor pool has been widened so I've got more of a chance. I think it's going to be difficult to relax to be honest but maybe the more laid back approach of life in a Welsh seaside town will rub off and I'll be a lot less tense than I think.

Britain's Got Talent, The Final

Well what can I say? The best act won? No, because they didn't.

Personally I'm rather against singers on BGT. We have at least two dedicated singing shows already in The X Factor and The Voice, surely BGT is for everything else, or at least it should be. Instead the final was dominated by singers and dance acts (yawn!), the only real variety was the impressionist, the magician and the violinist. I'd have been delighted if any of those three had come top but no, it had to be another boy band. Admittedly a rather different type of boy band but a boy band nevertheless. However I'm rather jumping ahead here so lets look at how the acts did.

First up was dance act The Addict Initiative with their version of Hansel and Gretel. To be honest I only got what was going on once Amanda mentioned it, up to then I thought it was just an awful mess.I was not impressed. Then, in no particular order, we had the impressionist and he was just brilliant, he even mimicked one of the other acts. I was so sure he would win. Then the magician whom I felt let himself down by not actually doing any magic. Basically his effort was an escape act and despite Ant and Dec's best efforts to raise tensions wasn't as scary as they's like us to think. The so called 'bear trap' looked plastic from the start and when it finally clanged together it did so without any force at all. I think the most damage it would have done if he hadn't got out of his bonds was give him a gentle squeeze.

The fabulous Lettice Rowbottom was brilliantly dotty as always but boy can she play the violin, it was magical, in fact far more magical than the magician. The dancing granny had me cringing as I imagined all sorts of potential injuries as she was thrown around by her much younger partner. The French men in high heels were good but rather bolshi and didn't take well to being buzzed. Unfortunately their first dance was their best and they went home. Other acts who didn't improve were the two school boy rappers, who even performed their audition song, which gave the impression that they were very limited. The kid with the guitar got my back up by ruining yet another song.

So we were left with two boy bands and an opera singer. To be fair the opera singer was both very pretty and very good but she was no Susan Boyle and lacked that certain something. The boy bands were both good but I preferred the four piece Jack Pack to the winners, five piece Collabro. Another year, another act destined for brief fame and then a rapid sink back into oblivion. As I said there were no Susan Boyles this year.

Time once again to go off and get my meds done. I know it is only once a week now but I still hate it. Will I ever be free of this metal monster by my side I wonder.