Friday, 27 June 2014

Shopping For Mum

My goodness it has been such a busy couple of days and it isn't over yet. So much for me saying this was going to be my lazy 'do nothing' week.

In the end we didn't go to collect Peter's stuff on Wednesday as the person he was collecting it from had something on. This meant it had to be collected on Thursday morning instead. Which would have been fine if we hadn't already designated Thursday as 'find a birthday present for mum' day and were heading off to Milton Keynes. So we decided to make a day of it and set out early in order to pick up the stuff from Harrold by ten. Unfortunately because of the time constraints I didn't get the opportunity to take pictures as I'd hoped. However I have been promised a day out specifically to take pictures after our return from Aberystwyth.

We made it to Milton Keynes in time for lunch and decided to try out the new Ed's diner. It was definitely a class up from Burger King but I'm not sure it was worth the £42 we were charged for three burgers, three chip and some drinks. Nice but will be used as a treat rather than a regular thing. We then split up to do our own things.

I had decided to get myself measured for new bra's. I 'd been putting it off and putting it off because to me it is only second in the embarrassment gauge to a cervical smear. I was also worried about my line being pulled around. Like most women I don't get measured every time I buy a bra. It's usually reserved for special occasion bra's, during and after pregnancy and when there has been weight gain or loss. In between I just buy off the peg. However as you all know I've had some very dramatic weight loss followed by some very moderate weight gain and to be frank, my bra's are too damned big.

I chose Bravissimo to do the honours and hoped that I wouldn't end up with somebody squeamish. Let's be honest hear, having a blue line stuck in your chest doesn't do much for your 'self body' image. The last thing I needed was someone being insensitive. However I was shown into a room buy a lovely lady who didn't bat an eye when I removed my shirt to show the mess underneath, I've acquired a few scars over the years too. She was brilliant, and very gentle. She asked questions, well I wouldn't have expected her not to and she told me how she herself was a donor as was her husband and her children. After a really pleasant experience I walked out with bras two sizes smaller that somehow managing to give me a bust line similar to Katie Price.

I met up with Peter and Andrew at John Lewis and started the hunt for the birthday present. We covered the whole store and I could fine nothing I thought she'd like. I was at a loss and then I thought of something. Mum has just had her cataracts done. For the first time in years she can read again. Knowing she is a history buff I bought a couple of things I thought she'd like. The first is the story of finding Richard III as I remembered her talking about how she'd followed the news about it. I also know she is like me and loves church architecture so I bought a book on that as well. Hopefully it will be what she wants but I will take the receipt with me just in case. Thankfully Aberystwyth has a Waterstone's too.

From there we went to IKEA, Andrew wanted to look at a chest of drawers to sit under his computer desk for paperwork, and then on to Costco to pick up some pictures and milk. By the time we got home it was gone five and I was shattered. I was so pleased all I had to do last night was change the cassette. I had real difficulty keeping my eyes open by around nine.

Today I am tired but we still have things to go. We are moving Andrew out of university today so it will be all hands to the pump. When we go all rests on my expected H@H delivery. I was awake at four this morning worrying about whether it would turn up. A drug delivery company should not be giving their patients sleepless nights! Looking on their website first thing my delivery is scheduled between 1104 and 1304. At the moment they have approximately an hour to go before they are late and I start making phone calls. If the worse come to the worse Peter and Andrew will go on their own but that's not the point.

Right time to make lunch, sod's law they will arrive just as we start to eat but for once I won't complain, unless, of course, it's the wrong drug.