Monday, 23 June 2014

Sometimes Good Things Can Happen

So far today it has been a very good day.

I slept in until nine and woke without the overwhelming panic that I was late for my meds change over. It was lovely to just relax with a cuppa, kindly brought up by Peter, and not have to jump out of bed to get things done. I then remembered it was the start of Wimbledon fortnight and I'm home to see Andy Murray play his first match.  And then I got the best news of the day.

A little while ago I posted on this blog about my mixer melting and burning my hand. Well the company replied a couple of days ago requesting pictures of the damaged handle. These I sent off last Thursday. Today I get an email saying that they are sending me a brand spanking new, up to date, mixer as a replacement and will be collecting the old one for testing. Result! I haven't had to table thump or threaten or get nasty. A single email explaining the problem and followed up with photographic evidence and the problem is solved. If only all company's were like Duralit.

Yesterday I did a bit more painting. Although cathartic, I really wasn't in the mood, as evidenced by my efforts. And yet just the fact that I'm out in the garden, this time I didn't even take my phone out with me, and concentrating on something I love doing, gives me peace. I get so caught up the rest of the world does not exist, which is just what I need right now. You will be glad to know though that I will not be inflicting any of my efforts on you for the next few days as Wimbledon and real life beckon.

To be fair the weather isn't that great at the moment. Although still warm it is dull and overcast and threatening rain. Well it's Wimbledon, would we expect anything less? I am all set though I have strawberries, Pimms and of course Earl Grey tea to see me through the afternoon.

Of course what is given with one hand is almost always taken away with the other and my dishwasher has started playing up. However after a bit of tinkering by Peter all seems well again. It was a blocked something or other that is now unblocked.

While watching the tennis I heard a deafening crash from outside and looked out to see my neighbour surrounded by broken mirror. Ohps, that's seven years bad luck right there. He was not happy.

Right time to go and watch the next match. Andy Murray won his game comfortably and is through to the second round. Now we need to see how the other big names fair.