Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twenty Four Hours From Veletri

Oh my goodness. I feel like a little girl who's birthday it is tomorrow.  I know it is ridiculous to be so excited over a simple medication change but I am. Yes, I know I should be more excited about how much better I , hopefully, will feel with the accompanying increase but it is hard to get worked up about something doing it's job. It's a bit like getting excited because your car starts or the sun comes up. you expect it to happen so emotions only get involved when they don't.

It's the new freedom I can't wait for. I know I keep going on about it but after three years tied to needles and drugs and things every night then to me it is like Christmas and my birthday and everything coming together in one day. I know that for one day a week I will be spending time preparing a week's worth of meds but that is one day, not seven days a week EVERY week. That I can put up with. I've done my homework and read the instructions and watched the DVD several times so I'm all set.

So I'm trying to keep myself busy and not think of the delights to come. In order to achieve this I have turned today into samples day. The ladies will understand this more than the men but stay with me. Every time I go to pick something up from L'Occitane I get free samples. I also get free samples through the post and from several other places. Over time these little packets build up until I have a shelf full of them and I have a choice to either use them or throw them. Reluctant to waste anything, especially expensive face creams I can't afford, I occasionally have a day when I try them all out. So I smeared cream on my face, then another around my eyes, another on my neck and a fourth on my body. I emerged from the bathroom with such a cacophony of smells I set Peter's asthma off and had to wash most of the stuff off again. The tiny perfume samples I have are now in my handbag. Always good for a quick freshen up during the day.

So now I'm twiddling my thumbs a bit. I have some ironing but can't get in the mood for that just yet. I will be going out later though. Andrew and Svet are back from Paris later today and I'm going to drive to Hatfield to pick them up and then take Svet to the airport so she can catch her plane back to Bulgeria. That should use up at least an hour, maybe two if I'm lucky.

Yesterday I just couldn't stay in so we went off to Milton Keynes where I picked up my new contact lenses and then had a rummage around a couple of charity shops but I came away empty handed again. Seems no one is donating crime fiction these days. Most of the shelves were wall to wall Mills and Boon or Catherine Cookson. Peter also lucked out but we don't really mind. Getting out and about was good enough for us, especially as the sun chose to come out and it was rather warm. Driving home and all that changed, it was like a monsoon, obviously we had chosen the right hour for our excursion.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Oh my goodness things just keep getting worse, or is that better, I just can't tell.

There were surprisingly few back stories in last night's episode, which was a relief as they were rather a sorry crowd. First up we had a collection of lunatics from Ireland. One danced (badly) around a broom dressed in a football strip and a flat cap. No I don't know either. Then we had a man who disappeared behind his prop for so long Dec went out and asked if he was all right. When the performer did appear it was to perform the worst David Jason impression in the history of the world before falling over.

Ireland did have a little gem up it's sleeve though and the dance troop were brilliant, and this is from someone who doesn't like dance troops. Maybe it was because all that had gone before was so bad, and in the clear light of day we will see something different, but for now they were great. In fact it was a night for dance troops, with three competing altogether and all three going through.

We also had a bit of culture in the form of three rather portly ladies performing Hamlet. Well that's what they said it was. I know Hamlet pretty well and found the whole thing toe curling. They were awful, and out, thank goodness though bizarrely Simon seemed to like it.

The child act of the evening was pretty good. If you ignored his weird hair cut and his scary looking mum they boy could actually sing. Though for me he suffered a little from Jamaica Inn Syndrome. Having said all that, and considering he'd written the song himself, he did very well and at least wasn't annoying.

Of course it isn't all over until the fat lady sings, which she did, badly and got booted out.

Right time for a cuppa and a biscuit, then I'll have to tackle that ironing. It has to be done. More on Tuesday.