Friday, 18 April 2014

Back in the Swing

Well the return to work was much better than I thought. It took me longer to get around, having to use the lift down as well as up, and using my oxygen to get lunch from the canteen. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and after a shaky start I soon got back into the swing of it. I can't thank my colleagues enough for the help they've given me. They've fetched my chair, wrestled with the fans and offered to get me tea, sweets and sandwiches if I didn't fancy the trek myself. They have been so kind I feel blessed to work with such lovely, caring people.

One week and doing this every night will be history

The shaky start was down to forgetting all my passwords and locking myself out of every system. I don't know what on earth happened as I've been away longer than this and remembered them all with no problems. I can only think that my mind was on other things. However once I'd managed to get onto the system I settled down to deal with the 850 emails that were waiting for me (no lie). The problem is that things change so quickly that you dare not do anything until you have caught up with the new directives. By my first break I was more or less up to speed and felt confident to start taking calls without messing up. After that I got my confidence back quickly and didn't have many problems. It is true that I had a few senior moments, such as taking a message from a one colleague to another and completely forgetting the message, and who'd sent it, by the time I crossed the room. In my job the saying is that as long as you don't kill anyone you are doing OK. Well I didn't kill anyone so I guess I must be doing at least reasonably well.

On Friday I got two pieces of very good news that really put a spring in my step.

I keep campaigning

First up Andrew got a job offer from the East of England Ambulance Service. How wonderful to be able to choose between two services. Of course it is the EEAS post he really wanted so he will now be writing to the LAS turning down their offer. It is a big relief to me too as Andrew will be able to live at home and won't be paying sky high rents to live in London. He will start in October and will probably be based in Luton, though for the first few months he's going to be moving around so he gets to know all the surrounding areas too.

I also got some good news in the form of a phone call from the Brompton asking me to go in on 28th April to have my new medication and dose increase. At last! At least it is only a week away but I won't believe it until I'm actually there with the drug in my hand. They are sending a letter of confirmation. If that actually arrives I will be able to relax a little.

I went to my warfarin clinic this morning, having had an appointment through the post, and arrived to find it was closed. Returning home I read the letter again and found it actually said Thursday 17th April. Rats! However I wouldn't have been able to go anyway as I was in work. I can expect a telling off to arrive sometime next week.

So after battling Tesco my weekend starts now. I'm making a cake tomorrow and then Laurence is coming on Sunday for lunch. I'm doing a traditional lamb roast with all the trimmings, baked Camembert starter and the cake for dessert with whipped cream. We've bought a bottle of wine and I will probably risk half a glass. I can't risk anymore as I'm back at work bright and early on Monday morning.

Right time for a cuppa and to put my feet up for half an hour. I've had a busy three days so I feel I deserve the cream egg that's waiting for me in the fridge.