Sunday, 20 April 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho It's Magic!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and got lots of eggs from the Easter Bunny.

I was up early this morning, which was disappointing and a good thing all in one. Though to be honest I was at a bit of a loss. I'd already made the cake, the lamb was all ready to be slammed in the oven and all I had to do for the starter is pop it in the oven for ten minutes. Simples!

So this morning I proof read Andrew's final essays. They were full of long words and medical terms I struggled with so I stuck with sorting out his normal spelling and punctuation as well as making sure his sentences made sense. Some times if he has a lot to get out on the paper he'll start one sentence before finishing another. That done I sorted out the veg, prepared the starter and then found myself with nothing to do again. Although we like to make an effort at Easter, we don't go to town in the same way as we do Christmas. We still like the table to look pretty though and while I sat down to enjoy a cuppa, Peter got to work doing his magic in the dining room. By the time he'd finished everything looked really lovely. The only mistake, he used one of my apple scented tea lights instead of a plain one in the candle holder. Fortunately they are quite old so the perfume was not as strong as it could have been.

Laurence arrive just before midday and half an hour later we were sat at the table tucking in to some lovely gooey baked Camembert. The lamb was lovely and the cake went down really well, Laurence liked it so much he took a huge chunk of it home with him. Afterwards we settled down to watch the Grand Prix, Andrew went up to his room to make the corrections on his essays and Laurence went out to meet some of his friends at the pub.

So now it is back to reality and I have my uniform to iron for tomorrow, which I'm procrastinating about as I don't want to be thinking about work yet.

Tomorrow Svet arrives from Bulgeria and she and Andrew will return to Hatfield for a few days before taking the Eurostar to Paris for the weekend. Naturally Peter and I are going to be acting as taxi's for the duration but it is a rare event so we really don't mind.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

This week's BGT had a magical theme with the added excitement of one of the contestants nearly killing Simon Cowell.

First contestant of note went by the name of Lettice and looked as though she'd just fallen out of the film Barbarella. She was very posh, as mad as a box of frogs but my goodness could she play the violin. She was absolutely brilliant.

We then had a string of magician's the majority of whom failed to do any magic. Some dropped their cards, some got tangled up in things, all had had a charisma bypass at some point in their lives. There was one who stood out and kept producing birds out of thin air. The judges were impressed, I was impressed, he went through.

Next up was the regular child act. This one was dressed as a cowboy, which got me inwardly groaning from the start. However this kid didn't sing or dance or tell toe curling jokes. This kid threw knives at his mum. Thankfully he was quite good and no blood was seen. He impressed Simon so much that Simon wanted to stand in front of the board and let the kid throw knives at him. The kid duly agreed and the first knife hit home. However the second knife bounced off the board, across Simon's face and embedded itself in the floor just centimeters from Simon's toes. Despite this potentially career ending mistake the kid was sent through to the live rounds.

And now we come to the golden buzzer. Oh dear Lord! The final act was a waiter with a special taste in clothing and a manner that made you think he might have escaped from somewhere. He was not English but the show failed to shed light on his country of origin. After talking us through his use of Botox He reassured everyone that he was a good singer. We sort of knew what was coming. Yes he could have been another Paul Potts but as it turned out he was more like Paul Gascoign after a good night. He slurred, he puffed, he ran around the stage but he didn't hold a tune. Despite all this David Walliams, possibly because he was fed up with the others pressing his button, hit the golden buzzer and sent the man through. To say everyone was both appalled and shocked would be an understatement. All I can say for sure it's going to be interesting when we get to the live shows.

Right, I'd better get this damned ironing done. Next blog Friday.