Saturday, 19 April 2014

Preparing For Easter

After yesterday's rushing around I had a lie in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast with the papers and a long soak in my favourite bath bomb.

Then it was time to get started on the cake. Now although my baking is improving I'm getting far from consistent results. Sometimes they come out light as a cloud and other times like a brick. With this being a special cake the pressure was on not to produce a brick.

I followed the recipe to the letter and popped the resulting sludge into the oven for an anxious wait. Twenty minutes in and I risked a peep through the oven door. My cake was rising magnificently and was now level with the top of the tin. Another twenty minutes and it had passed the tin and was now at least an inch above the edge. By the time it came out it was huge but at least it had risen and now it was time to attempt a seasonal bit of decor. Again everything went well and I ended up with a cake that I couldn't believe had been produced by my hands. I have included a picture so you can judge. Of course the proof is always in the eating and as that is not happening until tomorrow all we can do is stare and dribble in anticipation of things to come.

After that I made lunch and then we settled down to watch the Grand Prix qualifying from China. Whilst watching the house phone rang and my heart stopped.  Unfortunately it wasn't The Call, it was just some annoying bloke trying to sell us a new kitchen. However I was surprised at how the jumpy I was. I'd stopped jumping after the eight month without a call so to start jumping again now was rather strange. I was also surprised at how hopeful I was and how disappointed when it turned out to be just a sales call. I very nearly burst into tears.

That's the trouble with renewed hope. It comes with all the emotions and conviction that you had when first put on the list and brings along a touch of desperation as an additional extra. Of course just because the hospital says you are now in with a better chance doesn't mean it's actually going to happen. Doubling zero chance still leaves you with zero chance. However I might just be lucky, you never know, so I'll probably keep jumping out of my skin until another couple of months go by and then return to normal.

So now I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I'll have my family with me and we can sit down for a lovely meal and enjoy some rare family time. This time next year getting together is going to be even harder as Andrew will be working and may be on duty over the holiday. However I'm proud of my boys and what they do and if that means that sometimes special occasions have to be celebrated out of time, so be it.

So with my jobs done for today and everything under control for tomorrow I'm going to kick back and have a lovely relaxing evening watching Britain's (not) Got Talent and maybe sipping on a very small cider.

. So all that's left is to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Next blog tomorrow.