Saturday, 26 April 2014

Getting Excited

I have to admit I am getting just a little bit excited about my medication change on Monday.

Every night I struggle to push the mixed drug through a filter and into the cassette. The new drug comes in liquid form, unlike Flolan which is powder, and therefore will not need to be filtered. As I pushed and panted last night I found myself thinking 'thank God I won't be doing this next week'. Suddenly I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me. Not only will I no longer have to filter anything, all I'll have to do at night is change the cassette over and replace my line. The whole procedure will take less than ten minutes rather than the forty it takes now. I've though about this and have decided to do the change over as soon as I get in from work, thus ensuring I'll have a whole evening free each day. At the moment I have my tea and then listen, rather than watch, the news while I mix things. It's going to mean so much more freedom I won't know what to do with myself. It's going to be better for travelling as well. Now if we want to spend a few days away I won't have to fill the boot with boxes and boxes of medication. Brilliant!

I'm having a very lazy day today. I got up late, again this will not be an issue with the new drug, and had breakfast while reading the papers. Then into a lovely rose scented bath for half an hour before finally getting dressed. Looking out the window my heart sank a bit as this morning is just the sort of morning I'd like to go out for a long walk or jog. It's a bit damp but I liked the smell of wet earth as I pounded through the fields and past freshly dug gardens. My frustration with my physical restrictions increases in relation to the improvement in the weather. I'm more content to spend my days reading, painting or watching TV when it is cold and wet but yearn to be out and about as soon as it starts to perk up.

Yes I know I could go out on my scooter but it's just not the same. And on a scooter you can't veer off track and dive into some bushes if you spot something interesting. For instance there is a wonderful bluebell wood that I travel past each day to work. In the old days I'd get in there and take some photos or just walk around enjoying the perfume. Now, well I couldn't even climb the fence and the undergrowth is not exactly scooter friendly. Arrrggghhhh! I hate being like this!

As I sit here typing I'm nervously waiting for the results of my blood test in yesterday's Warfarin clinic. I've been a bit of a naughty girl this week.

I absolutely adore broccoli and spinach. Now these two vegetables do not go well with Warfarin. They both contain things that alter the effectiveness of the drug. So with great reluctance I only have them on very, very rare occasions. However this week the canteen served up a broccoli bake and a cauliflower and broccoli cheese on two consecutive days and I just could not resist. It was a very silly thing to do just days before my blood test but my will power just flew out of the window and that was that. Still, they say a little of what you fancy does you good so I didn't beat myself up about it. After all it would be a very miserable life if I denied myself all the things I'm not supposed to have all the time. I learned long ago that putting things off doesn't work when you are terminally ill. Put it off too long and you may end up never doing them.

With that in mind I'm spending this weekend looking at hotels. I've got some leave coming up over the next few months and we'd rather like to go somewhere and do something with it than sit at home. Of course, first thing we need to do is decide where to go. So far we've stuck rather close to home, just in case of the call but, having decided the call is never coming, I feel like going a little further afield this time and am looking at York as a possible destination. It is going to be a very interesting weekend and I predict a few arguments before we settle on a place. I will keep you updated of progress.

In the news I'm getting just a bit fed up with all the political goings on. The European elections are coming up at the end of May and instead of telling us what they can do for us, the voting public, they seem set to try and knock seven bells out of each other. Every political broadcast I've seen so far is mostly about what lies the other lot are telling you. This year I feel my vote is very much going to be of the protest kind, that's if I even bother because frankly I wouldn't trust any of them as far as I could spit.

Ah! I've just heard the post arrive. Better go and face the music. I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.