Sunday, 16 March 2014

Springing Into Action

The weather is beautiful this morning. My body, not wishing me to miss a minute, woke me up at 6.30 and yet I felt perfectly refreshed.

Yesterday was very much a down day, not as in depressed but just charging batteries. I was rather surprised at how tired I actually felt. Andrew of course was bouncing around like a two year old. I think the realisation that his has a job lined up has finally sunk in. Our evening celebration was not to be, however, as he got a call asking him if he'd like to attend the Royal Marsden Hospital's run Sunday afternoon as medical support. He's getting paid so naturally jumped at the chance. He will be stationed at the finishing line and will spend the day dealing with blisters, twisted ankles and, in this weather, probably some minor heat stroke and dehydration. If it is televised look out for someone in a high vis jacket with a medical bag who looks about twelve. That will be my Andrew.

So back to yesterday. In the afternoon we attended, of all things, a jumble sale. When I was a poor student, many moons ago, I loved these events and picked up some rather nice bargains along the way. This time I was on a mission. I was on the look out for some pretty pot plants or mini planters for the window sills and garden. Having been into our local garden center and nearly fainted at the prices I decided car boot sales of jumble would be the best bet. It wasn't to be though and I came away empty handed, mostly due to Peter who, when something caught my eye, went, 'not what you are looking for, put it down'. Just as well really as goodness knows what useless old tat I'd be walking away with.

Andrew headed back to Hatfield around tea time and Peter and I settled in to watch the first qualifying session of the new Formula One season. Yes it's back! I was torn between watching Wales in the rugby and the F1. In the end I chose the rugby and thank goodness. What a match! I recorded F1 for later. So today we are studiously avoiding any news bulletins, as being an Australian GP it was all over by about nine our time, until we can watch the rerun this afternoon. This I'm finding rather frustrating.

Like many people I am watching the search for the missing Malaysia aircraft, and, like almost everyone, I am wondering what the hell happened. I love a good mystery and this one is about as odd as they come. I can't imagine how the families of the missing are feeling. It is bad enough thinking they have ended up in the sea but to not know one way or another must be awful. If it were a crash there would be debris somewhere. If it is a hijack why have no demands been made? Why are the phones of the missing relatives still ringing? Would that happen if they were under the sea? It's all very strange and, judging by the way the authorities are dealing with it, it's not going to be solved anytime soon.

Someone is pleased to see the return of the sun
I spent sometime in my kitchen this morning giving it the weekly deep clean and preparing this afternoon's meal. For the first time in ages I was able to open the patio doors to let in the fresh air. My garden is busy bursting into life. The silver birch is full of catkins. The forsythia has yellow flowers forming and the other bushes are covered in buds. Of course all this sunshine highlights all the flaws too. The brambles have had a good time and will need some serious cutting back. My windows, insides, need a good clean and my curtains and lampshades need a spruce up. Thankfully I'm off for five days this week, I've got Wednesday and Thursday off as well as my usual Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If the weather remains good then I'll be dragging Peter out into the garden to help with a tidy up. Now I've said that I bet it will rain.

I still haven't uploaded the Cambridge photos so I've included some pictures of my garden last summer. Hopefully in a few weeks it will be as lovely once again.