Saturday, 15 March 2014

At Last! Some Good News!

Well it has been quite a week one way or another.

I appear to be finally coming out of the black mood I've been in for several weeks and am physically feeling quite well. Work has been, well, work really, with all the stressed that brings. I seem much calmer now knowing that I will be leaving soon and what used to upset me no longer has an impact. I feel I now have an exit strategy. All I need now is the transplant in order to put everything into place and finally live the dream.

Andrew's interview with LAS (London Ambulance Service) at the weekend went well and yesterday we were off to Cambridge bright and early for his interview with East of England AS. He was going to go on his own but after struggling to work the last few days through thick fog we decided to give him a lift. I'd been appalled at how many cars were on the road without lights when I couldn't see beyond my bonnet. I'd had a few near misses and, experienced drive of over thirty years that I am, even I was quite scared at times. I couldn't imagine what it would be like for a relatively inexperienced rider on a motorbike.

So off we went all lights blazing but by the time we reached Cambridge the fog was lifting revealing a bright, sunny and rather crisp day. We dropped Andrew at the venue and then headed to the center where we found an empty disabled parking bay outside the old police station. Out came the trike and away we went. I had my camera and had a wonderful time photographing all the colleges and a lovely round Norman church right in the center. We stopped for lunch at a lovely little Sicilian cafe where we had the most delicious toasted sandwich ever. It was full of basil leaves, cheese, tomatoes and peppers and was gorgeous.

After lunch we went and did our grocery shopping, a necessary evil, and then stopped for a coffee. It was while we were relaxing with a large chai latte each that we got the 'come and get me' call.

When we arrived Andrew was grinning from ear to ear. The interview had gone well and he will be hearing from them by the end of next week. However while in the interview he got a text from LAS offering him a job on condition he graduates. No wonder he was happy. He can relax now knowing that, provided there isn't a complete disaster with his finals, he has a job. He would prefer East of England but a job's a job and he can always transfer.

So we arrived home in high spirits and celebrated with some hot cross buns and a nice cuppa. We were all tired, I suspect Andrew hadn't got much sleep the night before, so celebrations were a bit muted. However tonight we will be opening a bottle of wine and toasting his good fortune.

I will post some pictures from Cambridge when I download them off my camera but I include some I took with my phone.

More tomorrow.