Saturday, 7 December 2013

Making Decisions.

Sometimes you make good decisions, sometimes you make bad ones. Yesterday I did a bit of both.

As it was Peter's birthday the plan was to go out and have a lovely pub lunch followed by a bit of shopping and then a nice quiet evening with a few drinks and a good film. What could possibly go wrong?

Well for me the day wasn't that great as I was feeling a little off colour. I'd developed a nasty cough over the last few days, so bad my colleagues kept asking if I was OK. Always a bad sign, so I trotted off to the doctor's Thursday after work and, yes, I have a rattly chest but have caught it early. Antibiotics were prescribed, as normal, and that was that.

I woke up on Friday morning feeling less than happy with a very dodgy tummy. Now there is sickness going around work at the moment and I thought I'd got it. I managed some tea and a slice of toast in an effort to settle things and it did, sort of. I started to feel better and was looking forward to the meal out, I'd decided to stick to soup, and some quality time with Peter. Then the waves of sickness started again. This didn't seem like a sickness bug so suspicion fell on the antibiotics. I'd had them before though and they'd never upset me so I couldn't work out what was going on until I read the leaflet inside and realised he'd prescribed the double strength ones. Now I'm taking the things after meals and although I'm still feeling a little queasy I'm much better.

However yesterday that meant I was still suffering and as the time approached to leave the house I nibbled frantically on a rivita, these always help with my nausea, and began to feel better. As it was Peter's birthday he chose the venue and we ended up in a pub specialising in Indian food. I wasn't daunted though as they usually have a few English dishes running alongside. Not this time though. I scanned the menu with growing panic. The only thing I felt I could eat was the plain rice. Of course Peter knew nothing of how I was feeling, I didn't want to spoil his day so his mouth was literally watering as he read.

The waiter arrived for our drinks order and place a basket of poppadums in front of us with a variety of dips. I ordered a fruit juice and tentatively broke off some of the poppadum and started to eat. Well it was the best thing I could have done. After several mouthfuls my stomach stopped churning and I realised some of the problem was an empty stomach, by the time I'd downed two I was back to normal but still didn't want to risk eating anything too spicy. In the end I had two vegetable samosas, which were divine, and shared some of Peter's curry. Fortunately the portions were very big, and the dish mild, so he was happy to share.

Then it was off to the shops and I'm happy to say we broke the back of the Christmas shopping. We are more or less set now and the garage is turning into a little Aladdin's cave of beer, sweets and biscuits. All I really need now is the veg, fruit and turkey, oh, and the presents. These are proving very difficult this year as every time I go online to check something out the recipient turns up wanting to speak to me about something. Talk about frustrating.  Of course as we are not having our Christmas day until the 28th there isn't the mad rush to get it hear before the 25th, however I would like to see it arrive before then as the post is notoriously dodgy during the festive period.

Somebody did get an early present yesterday though. More through necessity than anything else.

Andrew has a phone that is three years old, ancient by today's standards. It no longer connects to the Internet, doesn't always receive or send texts and has a tendency to run out of credit on a regular basis due to Andrew being a cash strapped student. In short it is unreliable and will probably let him down when he most needs it. To be fair he has been hanging on until he starts working and was planning to renew it then. However we saw a great offer for a Motorola Moto G on a two year contract with a special deal for existing Virgin customers. So after a lot of thinking we decided to get it for him and pay the contract until he is in a position to do so for himself.

Of course getting it so early means we are paying for a month when it won't be used so after being unable to contact him all week, he was out of credit again, we decided to give it to him early. Needless to say he was delighted and we hardly got a peep out of him all evening as he got busy with setting it up and downloading all the apps he wants. As he now as wifi connection he can download a special app call Viber which he can use to text Svet in Bulgaria for free, hence saving both of them a whole heap of money. I've downloaded it too so we can keep in touch when he goes abroad. In short everybody wins. And he now has no excuse to ignore my texts.

In the news the saga of Derek Gates continues. If you remember he was the chap who had a heart transplant and promptly went back to taking the very same drugs that destroyed his own heart.

It seems he is now back on the list awaiting yet another heart as he's already worn the donor heart out. Now this does make me very angry indeed. If this man has already abused his precious second chance, why is he being given the chance of a third? A lot of people are dying everyday and would treasure such a gift and care for it as best they could. It seems Derek just wants to be able to continue with his criminal lifestyle. Even his family believe he doesn't deserve it.

So I take it all back. This man should not be given a third chance because that really would be a waste.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

At last Joey and Amy have gone. To be fair Joey did grow on me. Yes he is thick, and overtime I've come to believe it's more real than an act, but he is also a really nice bloke. He also pulled his weight in camp and did some of the nastier jobs without complaint, which is more than could be said for Amy.

This pampered princess cheated and lied her way through the competition. She just couldn't grasp that it was a team game and everyone was equal. She actually though she should be entitled to more food than the others for doing a trial. As Rebecca pointed out they are all hungry but Amy just didn't get it. Then we had contraband gate. Amy put the whole camp in jeopardy with her make up and bikini's (they were allowed three, Amy had ten) but it seems what Amy wants Amy gets. And Amy was extremely reluctant to help out with any of the day to day stuff in camp. Amy is nicely packaged but underneath there lurks something rotten.

So the three remaining are Lucy, David and Kian. To be honest I would have though David would have been one of the first off but his lovely gentle manner and evenhandedness has kept him in when more likely candidates have left. I'm not sure about Lucy but certainly Kian and David deserves their places in the final. It is nice to see really nice, decent people being rewarded for a change. What's inside will always triumph over what's outside, Amy take note. I think Kian will take the crown with David a close second.

Right time for a coffee and then a rifle through the cupboards for lunch. I'm still a bit touchy tummy wise so I think a light pasta will probably hit the spot nicely. Until tomorrow.