Sunday, 8 December 2013

Strictly So-So

Well what a busy day I had yesterday. I cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, dusted around the living room, with a damp cloth to stop dust getting into my lungs, and sorted out the mass of paperwork dumped on the coffee table. Meanwhile Peter sorted out the hall, at last it is tool free, and Andrew sorted out the under stairs cupboard so as a result we can actually fit the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket etc in it. Today all I have to do is clean the bathrooms and prepared the spare room for Laurence, who is staying for a couple of days, while the boys tackle the vacuuming and mopping. To be fair it wasn't as bad as it sounds, everything does get a weekly going over but not all at the same time, so by the time I've tidied and cleaned the last room the first one needs doing again. That's the problem with PH, everything has to be done a bit at a time and as a result it seems never ending.

One thing I have gained from Jenny's upcoming visit, and for which I'm extremely grateful, is the acquisition of some new crockery. Our current stuff is over twenty years old and very cheap. It was bought as the kids started arriving with the intention that if something was dropped it wouldn't matter. In all honesty it has lasted a lot longer than we thought it would and although most of it has at least one crack or chip we've been putting off buying new stuff for a while now. So yesterday I bit the bullet, went online and found something I really like and bought it on click and collect. We will be picking it up tomorrow morning and will either send our old stuff to a charity shop or sort out the best pieces and stick them in the loft for emergencies or to give to Andrew when he first sets up home by himself. I will post a picture as soon as I am able.

I woke up this morning to the sound of a gently snoring Smirnoff.

Since Tarmac died Smirnoff has become a regular companion at night. He doesn't cuddle up the way Tarmac used to but prefers to stay near my feet at the end of the bed. He's also taken to sleeping with his paws over his nose which makes him snore. Sometimes he is really loud and he whistles on occasion too. He looked so comfortable and so sweet that I couldn't resist a picture.

I had a strange feeling last night that I  was close to getting the call. For some reason my ears really, really burned and I felt I was being discussed. Now it maybe that I was being considered for something or someone was having a really good bitch, I will never know but for once I wasn't disappointed to not have got the early morning wake up call. Of course I am still desperate for the call and if it comes today or in the early hours of tomorrow then of course I will go but if it comes sometime after Wednesday I'd be even happier.

I am feeling so much better today. Despite giving me a dodgy tummy in the beginning, these double strength tablets have really done their stuff. My chest is a lot cleared and I'm feeling quite perky again. The only thing I've been left with is being slightly more breathless but I can live with that. I'm also ravenous, so that's another very good sign.

Strictly Watch

It was a little bit of a flat show last night. The contestants had two dances to contend with. Their usual solo performance and then a group swingathon.

After the first set of scores Abbey was at the top of the leaderboard with Patrick a close second and Natalie, who continues to displease the judges continued to languish in third place. At the bottom, and deservedly so, was Suzanne after one of the tamest Argentine Tango's I've ever seen.

The swingathion really didn't change much. Patrick took the top spot while Abbey and Natalie took third and second respectively. Suzanne continued to bring up the rear.

All in all it proved to be a rather lack lustre night and I predict Suzanna, Sophie or Ashley to be competing in the dance off. I think Patrick and Abbey have won their place in the final, the question just remains who will join them. I'm betting it won't be Suzanna.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

Well what did I say? Yep the final is between Kian and David, two of the nicest contestants I think we've ever seen. I'm not going to predict but if they could both be crowned that would be the idea solution.

Right time to check on the washing and get the ironing done.