Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmoose and the Tazmanian Devil

At least I am feeling better in myself but my mouth is a disaster area. The redness in the throat is reducing but my mouth is covered in tiny white spots or blisters and is very, very sore. I've read the leaflets for the mouthwash and it doesn't say anything about side effects making things worse. The most common reactions are headache and nausea, neither of which I've had. So I'm making another visit to the doctor just in case. As it isn't an emergency I've booked myself in for tomorrow morning. The leaflet for the antibiotics explained a few things though. It says 'may cause drowsiness, do not drive'. Really? Who'd have thought it.

Another day spent dozing and another vivid dream last night. Strangely very similar to the first one with the fields, stone hut etc only this time trains were involved. Yes I did watch The Great Train Robbery last night, more on that later.

Last night Andrew put the tree together for me. I sat and supervised, my usual role, and he raced around with tinsel and lights. I helped add some of the baubles and carefully placed Taz and Sergy the Meerkat among the branches.

I think that last sentence possibly needs and explanation.

Before children decorations in the Roberts house were small, minimalistic and as tasteful as Christmas decorations could get. When Children arrived and became old enough to really look forward to Christmas things changed. Kids do not do minimal, tasteful, chic. Kids do 'throw everything at it and hope for the best'. The general aim was to have as little of the actual tree showing as possible. Of course there was always a bit of rearrangement once they were in bed but the look, on the whole, was over the top. In an effort to maintain some taste I bought a white and silver star to go on the top which was repeatedly dropped but the boys or knocked off the tree by tiny pussy paws. Eventually it had enough and shattered. Salvation was just around the corner though and I was present with a toilet roll with wings, the product of many hours and a fair amount of tears apparently, in school craft class. It, and it's younger sister, adorned the tree top for many years, or until both boys were old enough not to throw a fit at these tatty angels removal. Unprepared for such ready acquisition we were now left with the dilemma of what to put on top of the tree. In desperation Peter grabbed a cuddly toy moose in a Christmas hat, I have no idea where it came from, and Christmoose was born and for several glorious years reigned supreme.

Last year though Christmoose went missing. We searched everywhere but couldn't find him. Early in 2012 we had extra insulation added to our loft and a lot of things were moved around. I'm sure he's up there somewhere, the question is where. Of course we didn't notice his disappearance until we came to decorate the tree and we were caught in a dilemma once again. For some reason I'd been sent a cuddly Tasmanian devil as a present and he was just lying around in the living room as I hadn't decided what to do with him so he took Christmoose's place as a temporary measure. Early that month Peter had been sent Sergy the Meerkat for buying car insurance and as a joke he added him to the tree too. Both were packed away with the Christmas decorations and, as Christmoose is still AWAL, they are back on the tree again this year. We like to do things differently in the Roberts household.

 I am feeling remarkable awake this morning but maybe that is because I've been sleeping so much. I'm due another tablet at lunch time so I'm not holding out any hope of staying that way. I will be asking the doctor about that too when I see him. Drowsy doesn't mean unconscious, at least not in my book.

As I mentioned previously I watched The Great Train Robbery last night and as a piece of drama it was very, very good. However it did make me realise that Ronnie Biggs notoriety wasn't really justified. He was a horrible man and remained so until his death. And as for his part in the robbery, well it was so insignificant blink and you missed it. Strange what self promotion will do. The real 'hero' of the caper was Bruce Reynolds, who served his time, dropped out of sight and lived quietly until his death.

Tonight I would urge everyone, especially those who have doubts about organ donation, to watch 'The Greatest Gift' on ITV1 at seven thirty tonight. It is about a man who was saved in the nick of time by a heart donation. One year on he talks about what it means to him and how he met and thanked the donor's family. Well worth a watch if you can spare half an hour.

Right time for the cat pee and sleeping tablet. Whoop De Doo!