Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday, Day of Rest?

As this is officially the last day of my holiday I really should be relaxing and making the most of it. I can't  because I have things to do, such as iron my uniform for tomorrow and get my weeks supply off drugs prepared. Sunday, day of rest? Don't you believe it. Unless I am ill Sunday is usually the busiest day of the week for me. I might get to watch a film later this afternoon though, that's if I'm lucky.

The ruined abbey

My breathing is back to normal and I didn't need my oxygen last night so at least things are looking up there. Pity really, I feel like having a second week off but I've never been one to play on my condition and I don't intend to now. Besides in three weeks I have another ten day leave, and this time it will be a very much more sedate affair. I'm just going to kick back and relax, at least that's the plan but things can change.

On of the many gates providing access to the city

I've thought about repacking my hospital bag, it got raided for the holiday and things such as spare phone chargers removed, I just don't have the heart to do so as yet. I'm in a 'what's the point' frame of mind. No doubt this has been brought on by the post holiday blues but I just can't face it, not this weekend.

One of the towers that form part of the fortifications

So now I'm going to bore you with the final part of my York adventure.

So excited I found this purely by accident.

After taking tea with the lovely Carole and Colin Ayrton we decided to visit the Jorvik experience. This is something we visited pre-children when it had just opened and we wanted to see if anything had changed. Carole had told us that it was very disabled friendly and so it proved to be. I didn't even have to get off my scooter for the travel through the village bit. They placed me and my trike on a sort of metal trolley which they then slide onto a specially adapted 'pod' I was given a pair of headphones so I could hear the commentary and away we went.

Part of The Shambles

I have to say I was very, very impressed. I was well looked after, given every consideration and, for once, wasn't given the impression that I was being a nuisance. It was a much slicker, much better thought out experience than the Canterbury Tales experience of last year. The only dodgy bit was the smells. Having a somewhat sensitive stomach at the best of times, I found myself feeling a little queasy on leaving.

An example of the carvings that adorn the Chapter House at York Minster

And talking of food, how did I cope. Well I missed my regular fruit intake to be honest. Breakfast did give me an opportunity to catch up a bit though. There were bowls of fruit, cereal and a traditional English fry up available so I had a very small portion of bacon and egg and a bowl of fruit followed by a big mug of tea. Peter had a big cooked breakfast. For lunch we had previously agreed on sandwiches as this would be quick and cut less into our sight seeing time. In the evening we went out and I have to say it was a bit of a mixed bag.

The famous rose window

On the first night we tried a Chinese. The hot and sour soup was delicious, the best we've tasted, but the rest of the meal let them down. The rice was under cooked and the sweet and sour chicken rather tasteless. The second night we went for good old fish and chips, which we ate in the car. The plan was to have something filling and quick and then wander around taking night photo's. Unfortunately, as I explained in a previous blog, I was just too tired to even try. The last night we went for our favourite, an Italian. We ended up sharing an enormous pizza and it was delicious. When we return we will definitely go there again.

A beautiful example of the windows

So there you go. That just about covers it. There is far more to tell, which I might add to future blogs on days when there is not much else happening, but I always believe you can have too much of a good thing.

A grotesque in situ

I have included more pictures of the trip here. I have now finished uploading everything onto flickr and face book, so if you want to take a peek please do. I am now working my way through the flickr set adding comments, that's my work cut out until Christmas. I hope you like them and don't find them too boring.

And another one

Next blog Friday.