Monday, 8 September 2014

First Impressions of York

We had a brilliant run up this morning, The sun was shining, the traffic, once past Northampton, was light and we made good time arriving just after one.

We were both starving so we found a nice little pub with a car park nearby and pulled over for lunch. Peter enjoyed ham, egg, beans and toast while I was a bit bemused by my tuna bagette with added chips. The menu told us exactly how many calories were in our meal, which we both found off putting and sort of spoiled the enjoyment. We both agreed we probably wouldn't go there again, even though the food was nice and reasonably price. I'm on holiday and really do not want to be told what I'm eating is bad for me. I just want to enjoy it.

After lunch we found our hotel and booked in. Never having been in an accessible room before we were both a bit worried that everything would be designed for wheelchairs and not for an able bodied person. Apart from the obvious handle bars in the bathroom and the much bigger space you really couldn't tell it was a special room and we were very impressed.

Checked in, and with our stuff dumped in the room, we went on a fact finder. First stop was the tourist information place where I faced my first big disappointment. There will be no wall walk for me on this trip. The walls are very narrow and there are a lot of steps, so I will have to content myself with going around the city as close to the walls as possible. We attempted the Shambles and I was pleased to find the pavements were quiet wide as the cobblestones were already proving a bit of a problem on my trike.

We then went to the Minster where we found that almost all of the Minister would be accessible to me with only the tower out of bounds though as I'm not good with heights that is no great disappointment to be honest. This evening we enjoyed a couple of bowls of hot and sour soup at a local Chinese before returning to the hotel bar and a few well earned drinks.

Tomorrow we plan to tackle the Minster, the Cat trail and possibly round the day off in the museum.

So othat's all for now. More tomorrow and hopefully with pictures.