Friday, 5 September 2014

It's a Funny Old Game

Well it's here! My holiday week has arrived!

I have to say my working week was probably the longest on the planet. Every single day felt like a whole week but it's over and now it's time to party, well almost. Last night Peter and I relaxed in front of the TV and shared a small bottle of cider. It was a small treat but a welcomed one.

This morning we were off to Milton Keynes, as I wanted to pick up a few things from Lush as I was out of bath bombs, and to visit the new cooking shop to look for pickle jars.  The trouble with going to the actual shop is two-fold. One, Peter refuses to come in to Lush with me as the smell sets off his asthma and two, I get caught up in the whole shopping experience and enjoy myself far too much. The result is I have enough bath stuff to last me until Christmas. I was not tempted by the jars though. Well not yet. I want to see how many blackberries I get first before I spend money on things I may not need.

From there it was on to Tesco, well even though we are going away Andrew is not, he is house and cat sitting, so the fridge still needed a top up. Whilst there I decided to go and look for a new nail polish as my favourite silver one is very old now and almost empty. I found a lovely replacement of almost exactly the same shade. Somehow another two bottles also found their way into the shopping basket, so now I have three new shades to choose from. As Peter pointed out, I do not have enough fingers and toes to try them all at once but I can wait. The agony is which one to use for my trip away. And do I bother with my toes in case the weather is nice? I know a lot of you, especially the blokes, will think these things are so petty, and they are, but it is so nice to worry about something trivial for a change.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted on the nail situation. For now I have more important things on my mind. (Only those actually on the transplant list will understand the next bit.) I've spent months praying and pleading every night that I get my call, now I'm pleading that it doesn't come just yet. If the call had come last week I wouldn't have minded in the least but now I just want to be able to enjoy my trip away. Does that make any sense at all? I'll quite happily get the call on Thursday, the night we return, but I just want Monday to Wednesday to be perfect and worry free. Fickle or what? Of course if it does happen tonight, or any time during the trip for that matter, we would not be turning it down. I just hope that God, fate, or whoever you believe in, lets me have this next week to enjoy first.

I had to re-tune the TV this week as all the channels changed around, again! I hate it when this happens. You just remember which channels your favourite programmes are on and which number to press to get them and they go and muck it all up. Terrific!

Whilst flicking through, to sort out what was where, I came across a sports programme where they were still going on and on about the world cup. Honestly, it's not as though England was any good or anything. Goodness knows what would happen if England ever actually won a major tournament. We'd never hear the end of it. The bloke was moaning away at how the players had 'let themselves down'. Humm, lets see now, why do you think English football players can't be bothered to win anything?  Maybe because they are not hungry enough? They are the most highly paid players in the world and they get their money whether they win or loose so why bother trying to win?

No. no, don't get me started on that one, I'll never stop.

And on the note time to put my feet up and grab a cuppa and one of the nice chocolate biscuits I bought. Sometimes life's good.