Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day Two In York

We woke later than we expected, the journey must have worn us out, and didn't make it into the city center until after ten. First stop the Minster and then a change of plan.

Our room
It was lovely in the Minster and, apart from the hoards of foreign tourists, who all seem to travel in packs, very peaceful. I took time out to light a candle and I was a little bit selfish I'm afraid and prayed for myself. Our tickets are valid for a year so we are planning a quick re-visit on Thursday before we leave and I'll light some more candles for other in need then. 

As you know I was very disappointed with not being able to do the wall walk yesterday, so imagine my delight when we discovered the cat trail. There are twenty one lucky cats dotted all over the city and you just follow the trail and you get to see lots of lovely sights as you go. Again I have pictures of them all which I will share when I get home. This happy adventure took us right up to six when we returned to the hotel for a little bit of a rest and so I could change my cassette over.

The Choir
This evening we are going out again and back to the Minster to take pictures by night. I used to love night time photography and I'm hoping I still remember the techniques. Hopefully I'll have some spectacular images to share. We are also hoping to find something rather simpler to eat tonight. I fancy good old fish and chips but whether I'll get is is another matter as Peter has mentioned Indian.

Tomorrow we are planning to visit the Jorvik center and maybe the museum. We have also arranged to meet up with Carole Ayrton and her husband and that is something I'm really looking forward too. It is always nice to put a voice and a real person to the images on facebook etc.

As for the evening I'm trying to persuade Peter to go on the Ghost Bus for the Haunted York Tour. Peter dismisses all that sort of thing as rubbish while I'm a 'don't know what to think'. I've had some very strange things happen to me over the years that I cannot explain so I would never dismiss anything out of hand. I think it would be a bit of fun but I don't think Peter is convinced.

A glimpse of the Minster

That's it for now, I'm sorry for the poor pictures. Just look at them as a taster of better thing to come. Will post more tomorrow, unless I've got my way with the Ghost tour then it will be Thursday.