Saturday, 6 September 2014

Shivering Saturday.

What on earth has happened to the weather? We were expecting a mini heat wave and so far all I've had is grey skies, drizzle and a cold breeze. Even as late as ten last night weatherman Thomasz Shafenwhatever was telling me that I'd be having a lovely day with temperatures up in the twenties. So far we have just hit the heady heights of 16C, and it's still cloudy.

Where did summer go?
All this does not bode well for Monday, especially as we are heading north.

Now I don't mind it being a little bit cool but I don't want to be cold. The trouble with sitting on a motobility scooter is that you are not moving around generating your own warmth. You are strictly at the mercy of the elements. Yes you can wrap up warm, in winter I wear thermal underwear, thick jumpers and wrap myself in a blanket when venturing outdoors. This keeps me warm but means I overheat when going indoors so it is a constant applying or dis-guarding of garments throughout the day. Of course the worst thing that can happen is rain. I can get very wet, very quickly and that means getting cold. I do have waterproofs but they are so awkward to get on and off I frequently don't bother unless it's actually pouring down when I leave the house. I'm hoping that the weather will be kind and I can just potter around in a fleece and jeans. I'm hoping but realistic so will pack everything just in case.

Today marks the start of Andrew leaving home for the second time. Although he has finished university he has agreed to continue renting a house with some friends while they complete their final year. They got on so well that Andrew agreed to stay to save them from having to find someone new to share and possibly loosing the house if they couldn't. However Andrew will still reside with us when he has time off. This arrangement suits both of us as he has got used to his own space and doing his own thing whilst we've got used to having a bit more time to ourselves.

All he's doing is moving his stuff in this weekend so he can claim the room he likes and grab some kitchen space. He arrived last the previous year and ended up with the smallest space of any of them. As he is the only one working, and that means early starts and night shifts, he wants the room he can get in and out of without disturbing anyone else. It also means he's less likely to be disturbed when trying to sleep during the day when he's on nights. We usually go with him to look over his house but as he now has a car we don't need to go as he can transport his own stuff down there. So we will visit when he actually moves in later this month. Today's trip is purely about claiming territory.

I'm beginning to suspect Smirnoff is either bored or developing dementia. He has regained his inner kitten in a big way this week. I was brushing my teeth and heard this terrible commotion outside the door of the bathroom. I opened it slowly and found Smirnoff chasing his tail. It is ages since I've seen him do that. Then he sat beside me on my study desk, gave me a lovely rub under my chin, stretched up against the wall, stuck his claws in and pulled. The result, two thin strips of wallpaper pulled away. Thankfully we are actually in the process of decorating the study so we were not too upset. He hasn't done this to any other room so either he's figured out that if we are pulling the wallpaper so can he, or it's a trend that's going to increase. If he does it again to another wall he's going to find himself at the wrong end of my water pistol.

Little devil!
This afternoon we are nipping out to get some paint charts to choose a colour for the study. I don't hold out much hope. We still haven't agreed on the tiles for the bathroom floor and you know how long that has taken. It must be going on for a year. However there are some things that will limit out choice. The carpet is a dark, rich green and the curtains are dark green with a red pattern running through them. Hopefully these restrictions will make the choice easier, or not as the case may be.

And with that in mind, time to stop writing and get on with things. More tomorrow.