Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Madness

Well it has been another of those 'rushed off you feet' weeks and I have struggled.

Once again the aircon appears not to be working properly and despite having at least two fans pointed at me I came close to passing out at least once. The rest of the time I felt over heated, sick and dizzy but I made it. However this is not going to happen again. It feels terrible to leave my lovely colleagues in the lurch when we are so busy but I have to look after myself. It's my own fault, I was told to go home on several occasions by several different people but just couldn't do it. Next week I will without hesitation.

OK, not a mini but the closest thing I have.
Of course the hot weather and the end of school  is the main cause of the increase in calls at the moment.

Most of these calls are for the dreaded 'mini motorbikes'. I don't know what possesses parents to buy these things. Apart from not being designed to be ridden in parks full of toddlers, or down pavements, or the wrong way up one way streets, these things are actually a danger to the riders. They never seem to wear helmets and are totally devoid of any road craft or common sense. These things should be ridden around specially designated tracks, not on public streets but the message really isn't getting through. One day, in the not too distant future, someone will be killed riding, or by someone riding, one of these things and then hopefully they will be banned. Until then call centers around the country will be plagued by calls from angry, innocent passers by who have just had a near miss. If your child owns one of these bikes please make sure they are using it sensibly and responsibly or they could have the thing taken away and destroyed.

Can I just give a little more advice.

It is not illegal for your neighbour to do any of the following.

Have a bonfire,
Have a barbecue.
Let their kids play joyfully (and noisily) in the back garden.
Mow the law when you are having a lie in.
Have a party.
Drink alcohol.
Have a dog that, surprisingly, barks at you when you look over the fence.

Also we do not provide lifts home if you have

Lost your bus pass
Lost your ticket
Spent all you money
Your bike has a puncture
Can't find a bus stop
Have been thrown off the bus for having drunk too much.

OK, rant over and breathe, well almost.

Yes it is delivery day for H@H and so the day for writing another one of these.


Thank you for my delivery today which arrived on time and was mostly correct.

However the one item I was so desperate for, that I’ve already had to go out and buy because it wasn’t delivered last month, was missing.

I rang your service and after being accused of not looking in the box properly was then informed that you were actually out of stock. How the hell can you be out of stock of water? You knew ten days ago that I was in desperate need of Normasol, because I emphasised that to the call handler taking my stock levels, so my expectation was that you’d make sure it was delivered this time. Instead I’m wasting my valuable time on the phone and at the computer writing emails yet again.

I have passed both my home number and my mobile number, because I refuse to waste my day waiting for a call back that probably won’t come, and expect a delivery to be arrange either later today or first thing tomorrow. If I do not get my delivery I will order my Normasol from my local chemist, who is fully aware of what is going on, and they will forward the bill to you.

I look forward, with no great hope, of hearing from your company soon.'

I think I'm beginning to lose the will to live when dealing with H@H. I still haven't heard when I will be swapping to the new company but it can't come quick enough for my liking. Still I do have my drug, which is the important thing, and I know I can buy the missing Normasol if I really need to. So I suppose in the great scheme of things this month hadn't been too bad but really there shouldn't be any mistakes at all.

So, now I've got all that off my chest what is planned for the weekend?

Well today is chore day so, shopping, laundry etc. Thankfully it is so much cooler here today. We are promised high temperatures and thunderstorms for this afternoon so I'm greeting this small respite from the heat with glee. If temperatures soar again this weekend, as has been promised, then my time will be mostly spent in a darkened room watching the Commonwealth Games.

As with the Olympics I'm not that bothered about them at the moment. They are more of an irritant because I never know when my favourite soaps are on. Petty I know, but watching them is how I relax after a fraught day so they are important to me. However I'm sure, just like the Olympics, I will be hooked soon, especially as I can cheer Wales on as a separate country.

This week marked the passing of nineteen months waiting on the transplant list. I was pretty down on the day, for a couple of days actually. I never imagined I'd be waiting this long, let alone be pushing at the door of two years.

When they said I'd have a long wait I though maybe ten months, a year at most, and certainly the doctors seemed optimistic that I'd be done within the year. However that wasn't to be and now I'm looking, once again, at a long wait. To me that false alarm in May feels as though it has set the clock back to zero and I'm going to have to wait for another seventeen months before another call comes. I know my donor pool has been expanded but that is still no guarantee that anything will happen anytime soon. It's all very frustrating and very disheartening as I watch another summer slip by where I've had to sit an watch everyone else have fun in the sun.

In a world of extraordinary coincidences the most amazing thing happened to me this week.

Ages and ages ago I used to belong to a local Am Dram company. I originally volunteered for hair and make up and back scene stuff but somehow got talked into acting in one of their plays. I played Lydia, a posh woman who was cheating on her husband. Unbeknownst to me my lover was also having an affair with my husband and the two plotted to kill me off so they could be together. At the same time I'd plotted with my lover to bump my husband off for much the same reasons. The plan was for my lover to burst into the house, whilst pretending to be a burglar, shoot my husband and we would then live happily every after on my husbands money. In the end I got shot and they did the happy ever after bit.

Well last week I found out I'd been working next to my lover/murderer for the past four years. We only realised when he mentioned he was doing a play for this company and I told him that's I'd once acted for them. How extraordinary is that! I have some pictures somewhere and when I find them I will post them.

Well enough of that, time to strip the beds and do the ironing while it's still cool and before I turn back into a panting, sweating, dizzy mess. More tomorrow.