Friday, 11 July 2014

Back to Work!

My first week back after my holidays has passed without incident so I am very happy. I was clearly in need of a break as I found this week I was more alert, less tired and actually had a good time with my lovely colleagues.

I also got a new chair.

Because of my PH I find sitting in ordinary office chairs all day painful and exhausting. I could never adjust the back to be both supportive and comfortable. Those with head rests tended to push my head forward and with those with no headrest meant I couldn't lean back and relax when feeling tired. In short I'd often leave work with pains in my back and chest and utterly drained.  So the decision was made to give me my own personal chair.

This arrived on Thursday and I had to sit on it and allow the man who brought it to rock me backwards and forwards, up and down etc, etc until we found the perfect sitting position for me. The chair has a tall back with a slight dent where your head goes so it isn't pushed forward. If is well padded and this sort of 'grips' me around my sides and gives me much more support. In short it is a little bit like sitting in a high tech armchair. Although I've only used it twice it does seem to be making a difference.

So today and tomorrow is being spent getting the spare room ready for the arrival of my sister and brother in law on Sunday. They are down for a few days to do the touristy bit in London and are using us as a base. As with most people I know the spare room in our house has been used as a dumping ground for things we intend to 'put away properly later' but never do so. Well now we are being forced too, which is a good thing because I haven't been able to get to my sewing machine in ages and I have a stack of repairs waiting.

National transplant week has gone well and I've seen huge amounts of publicity. However there are still those who are ignorant enough to believe that signing up for the donor list means they will be allowed to die if they were ever unfortunate enough to become seriously ill. As usual people are far too willing to believe the negative over the positive. I guess there will always be those who just cannot be reached or educated.

In case anyone actually missed they hype, the Tour de France paid a little visit to England this week causing much disruption to the roads and surrounding areas. This is a bike race and as such there are bound to be falls, some worse than others, but overall inevitable. So imagine my surprise, as I was sitting in the tea room eating my lunch, when the announcer on Sky News said there was some shocking news coming in. I and my colleagues braced ourselves expecting news of a plane or train crash, earthquake or the death of someone famous. The news that was so 'shocking' is that Britain's best chance of winning had fallen off his bike and dislocated his shoulder. While he has my sympathy it is hardly the shock of the century is it!

We received good news yesterday.

After moderation it has been confirmed that Andrew has passed all the exams and essays needed for his course. All he has to do now is complete this last placement and he will officially be a qualified paramedic. He has to register, of course, which means filling out a form as long as your average toilet roll, but once that's done it's over. Big sighs of relief all around and now he can settle back and really enjoy his placement without worrying about having to fit re-sits in.

Well it's been a really busy day and I'm shattered. I've done far too much today and will need to take it easy tomorrow but as all I have to do now is vacuum and make the beds I think I can give myself the day off. More tomorrow.