Saturday, 12 July 2014

Putting My Feet Up

Woke up to the most wonderful day. The sun is shining and it is warm. Perfect for chilling out and relaxing after my marathon yesterday. Honestly, I feel like I hadn't stopped all day. Still the fridge is full, the house is cleaned, tidied and polished and the spare room is (almost) inhabitable. Just got to do the final touches and we are all set to go. I've even worked out a rough menu so that I don't have to stress about coming up with something every night. It's simple, quick and roughly what we eat, so mostly pasta and rice. I just hope they like it. As my sister struggles with keeping things down due to her meds, what don't I know about that situation, I've got some soups for her to try. Even if I couldn't face a full meal, I'd always manage a cup of soup.

Today is going to be a quiet affair. I have done the ironing this morning, just to get it out of the way, and I did have to clean out the fridge because the milk leaked. However this afternoon I am doing nothing. I'm going to settle back with a crafty Pimms and, if outside a good book, or inside a film. It depends on whether the promised thunderstorms put in an appearance. We are not expected to get any here until late in the afternoon but we all know how accurate the forecasts tend to be.

Of course my weekend hasn't been entirely without stress. I had to write yet another email to H@H after they failed once again to do what was promised.

'Once again I have got to write to you because you have failed to do what you promised to do.

On the 27th June we had a phone conversation where I expressed my concern that I was running out of items because of previous problems with deliveries and that I needed to build up a ‘buffer’ of certain items, particularly the Veletri. It was agreed that my delivery would be brought forward by a week to accommodate this buffer supply. It was arranged that I would be called straight after my holiday to arrange the earlier delivery. You even confirm this in an email on the same date.

I note your request that we adjust the schedule to restore the planned safety stock of your medication. I have alerted customer services to this and asked them to contact you when you are back from holiday to arrange this.’

Well guess what didn’t happen? Yes that’s right, no one called. My regular call for a stock check, which was due today 11/07/2014 also hasn’t happened. As a result of you incompetence I had to go to a local chemist today and buy my own supply of Normasol. What sort of company is it that forces their clients to have to go trawling around local chemist in order to find the items that company should be supplying?

Can I stress to you that I only have enough Veletri to last until July 25th so it is absolutely vital that I receive my delivery on that date, unfortunately for me Veletri cannot be purchased at my local chemist so I am totally reliant on you to provide it.'

Thankfully my PH specialist center is now making determined moves to drop H@H and get my drugs delivered by someone else. I've received a few emails about the change over in the last few weeks and it looks as though they are going to go with BUPA. Those who already have things delivered by BUPA say they cannot be faulted, which is very encouraging. Unfortunately the emails state that BUPA will only accept a few patients at a times as they do not want to be overwhelmed, fair enough, but this means some of us will have to put up with H@H for a few more months yet. My only fear is that once H@H realise they have lost the contract will their service to patients from my PH center deteriorate, on the other hand how would we tell?

Well it is lunch time so I'm off to make something simple and tasty and then nip outside while I can. Next blog tomorrow, if I have time, otherwise Thursday.