Friday, 18 July 2014

Relatively Speaking

As a week it wasn't a bad one but there were a few major downs mainly at work.

I really do not know what hit us this week, it was non stop and of course because there were long queues on the phone everyone was moaning at us. The problem is the summer holidays have hit and people are taking, much deserved, time off, leaving us very short staffed. I don't resent people taking time off, I've only just returned form my two week break after all but it does mean those left behind are having to work twice as hard just to keep our heads above water. It doesn't help that we are working in an oven either as the air con seems to have gone on the blink again. Still my lovely caring colleagues made sure I had a fan near me and had plenty to drink so actually I didn't feel to bad. I just wish it hadn't been so busy.

On the plus side I had my little sister and her family staying with us for the week. I wish I could have had a day off or so to do things with her but all I could get was a half day. Now I love my sister and her family dearly but they are a bit difficult to cater for. Wendy is a vegetarian, Nick is diabetic and Charlotte is just, well fussy. Now the veggie part I could cope with quite well as we eat a lot of veggie stuff so it was just a case of cooking more of it. Thankfully none of the stuff I cook had any extra sugar added so Nick coped quite well and very little adjustment was needed. Charlotte gamely tried everything but unfortunately I appear to have missed the mark on several occasions. Still I will be better prepared for the next visit.

They arrived late on Sunday and after settling them in with tea and cake we did the usual catching up thing. Laurence was also here so he could say hello and spend some time with them. However because of the long journey they were quite tired so we spent the evening chatting and then we all had an early night.

On Monday they decided to visit Bedford and I have to say Bedford was at it's best. The weather was lovely but not too warm and they loved walking along the embankment by the river. I picked them up after work and we spent another evening just chatting, well we do have a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday was shopping day. Peter took them up to MK and I joined them for lunch, having changed in the toilets at work, not easy when you have a pump and oxygen tank to juggle with. First up was a pig out in Pizza Hut and then we hit the shops. I don't remember the last time I had a girly shopping session and really it's not my kind of thing but I really, really enjoyed myself and actually I didn't really spend that much.

Wednesday it was off to London for them and back to work for me. They had a whale of a time visiting the London Eye and taking a river cruise while I got hot, sticky and bad tempered. In the evening they treated us to an Indian take away as a thank you, which was very much appreciated. I was so tired I went to bed early and said my goodbyes as I'd be up way before everyone else in the morning.

Thursday and they began the long journey home, one that was made more interesting by the archetypal 'nutter on the bus' who spent the whole journey swearing at himself. Nice! For me things were equally unpleasant and the combination of working at full stretch and the unbearable heat really began to take it's toll. By the time I got home I was dead on my feet. I stripped off my heavy uniform and had a cool wash before donning a light summer skirt and top.I really wish I didn't have to drag the pump around with me but I'm stuck with it.

Hot weather makes me very uncomfortable and I have a lot of difficulty breathing so Thursday night was a nightmare for me. I had both windows open and the fan going full blast as I lay on top of the duvet still feeling too hot. Eventually I did manage to drop off only to be woken in the early hours by the most impressive thunderstorm we've had this year.It was almost constant flashing and the rolls of thunder ran into each other. There was no way of going back to sleep, especially when the rain came down in torrents setting off car alarms so I just lay there trying to reassure the cat. Poor Smirnoff, he was actually trembling.

I must have dropped off eventually as I was woken by another clap of thunder around eight and down came the rain again. Now the sun has come out and it is hot, muggy and steaming and I am suffering. I can't breath and when I move I just break out in sweat. I don't know how many times I've washed today but it only offers temporary relief. So once I've finished this blog I'm taking myself off downstairs to sit in a darkened living room, hooked up to my oxygen to catch up on all the programmes I've missed this week.Sometimes enforced sofa time can be a blessing.

Next blog tomorrow.